Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Twonky Server can manage 2 additional USB Hard Drive on DLink DNS-320L via USB Hub

DLink DNS-320L Share Center with Twonky Server 7.0.11 installed on it. DLink DNS-320L comes with 1 additional USB 2.0 port, this USB port can manage UPS, printer or USB Drive. Previous 1.01 FW only can added USB Thumbs Drive below 1TB with FAT or exFAT format. I tried to put on 1TB 3.5" External Hard Drive with NTFS format but failed to recognize it.

With new FW 1.02, this DLink DNS-320L can read my 1TB 3.5" External Hard Drive but still cannot add media on this drive into multimedia library.

My setting here consist of :
 - DLink DNS-320L Share Center with 2 hard drive inside (2TB & 1TB)
 - 1TB LaCie Porsche Design Desktop USB External Hard Drive with NTFS format (nearly full)
 - 1TB LaCie Porsche Design Desktop USB External Hard Drive (empty with exFAT format)
 - 16GB SanDisk Thumbs Drive
 - 4 port USB 2.0 HUB
 - a couples of cables
 - and my laptop

First my current setup to see working Twonky Server 7.0.11 on DLink DNS-320L.

Setup 1, DLink DNS-320L with 1 direct 1TB USB External Hard Drive.

Setup 1: DLink DNS-320L with 1 USB Drive Attached
From DLink ShareCenter web interface, I can map this 1TB LaCie USB Drive as network drive (picture below) but cannot include media files into ShareCenter multimedia library.
DNS-320L Network Drive with 1 USB Drive (Windows 8)

Hard Drive Info with 1 USB attached
Disk Management with 1 USB attached
USB Devices with 1 USB attached
System Info with 1 USB attached
Multimedia Share System with 1 USB attached and cannot add usb into multimedia library

Then for the same setting when using Twonky Server 7.0.11 to add media data sharing

Twonky Server 7.0.11 on DLink DNS-320L (add media into multimedia libary - 2 DLink internal Hard Drive)

Data in Volume_1 (Twonky Server on DNS-320L)
Data in Volume_2 (Twonky Server on DNS-320L)

Now media server library from Twonky Server 7.0.11 complete with all media from both 2 hdd inside Dlink + 1 hdd from USB attached to DLink. But media library on DLink ShareCenter Multimedia Server (FW 1.02) only had data from 2 hdd inside DLink.

Screenshot from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 (android smartphones)

Twonky Android Apps (DLink Multimedia Library only can see 8 videos)

Twonky Android Apps (Twonky Server on DLink shown 516 videos)

Video Library on Allshare (Samsung Galaxy Note 2)

Left : Video Library Twonky on DLink (516 videos), Right: Video Library on DLink ShareCenter (8 videos)

Now I want to know either this DLink DNS-320L can be grow with additional terabyte via USB hub

Then I tried to attached USB hub with 3 USB Drive into DLink DNS-320L.

Setup 2, 4 port USB Hub with 3 USB Drive (2 × 1TB LaCie Desktop Drive and 1 ScanDisk 16GB Thumbs Drive) attached to DLink DNS-320L's usb port.

Before that let we see what is in those 3 USB storage first (I attached it into my computer)

3 USB Storage attached into laptop via USB Hub

3 USB Storage from USB Hub and also 2 network drive from DLink

And now the best part, finally when I attached those 3 USB Storage via USB Hub into DLink DNS-320L
*(DLink OFF - Ext USB HDD OFF - Attached USB Hub into Dlink - Ext USB HDD ON - DLink ON)

3 USB Storage connected to DLink DNS-320L via USB Hub.


DLink ShareCenter web interface, cannot recognize USB. Only 2 hard drive inside DLink appear to be working and no problem accessing it.

"No USB storage device is detected" - there are 3 USB Storage attached via USB Hub into this DLink

This when 1 USB Hard Drive attached into DLink
So how about Twonky Server? Apparently from 3 USB storage attached via USB Hub, only 2 devices detected by Twonky (don't know why and maybe there is some sort of tweak or setting that can be modified to let it see more than 2 usb storage that I don't know).

2 USB Storage from USB Hub can be see by Twonky on DLink DNS-320L


 And below 

ssh : mount of DLink DNS-320L without USB attached

ssh: mount for DLink DNS-320L with 3USB storage attached via USB Hub

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